Akihabara is a district in Tokyo and is the place for all things anime/videogame/electronics

Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. The cake is commonly filled with sweet red bean paste.

Entrance to Ueno Park
Ueno is a large park in central Tokyo. It has several museums, concert halls, temples and also a zoo.
About 10 million people visit the park each year, and it is the place to go to see cherry blossoms.

"My sky hole" by Bukichi Inoue
Tokyo art museum.

A model of the Tokyo metropolitan art museum

National Pottery Exhibition
Dai-toukiichi (Great Ceramic Fair). Exhibits include traditional Japanese ceramics, earthenwares, lacquerwares and more.

The gates of Hell with Adam and Eve - National museum of western art, Tokyo
Depicts a scene from the first section (The Inferno) of Dante's Divine Comedy

Yanaka Ginza - Tokyo
Yanaka Ginza is a famous traditional shopping street located in Nippori, Tokyo.

Inside a shop at Yanaka Ginza

A Kei-car 'truck' parked on a side street near Nippori station
Kei-car is a Japanese category of automobiles identified by a yellow license plate
These cars have a maximum engine capacity of 660cc and a maximum length of 3.4m.
Seen here is a Kei-car microtruck along with a regular sized truck up ahead.


Hikari Shinkansen arriving at Shinagawa
This is the N700 model, introduced in 2007 and capable of travelling at 300kmph

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